Swimming Pools/Spas

General Information

This information shall be applicable to all new swimming pools hereafter constructed, other than indoor pools, and shall apply to all existing pools which have a depth of 18 inches or more of water at any point, except for inflatable pools and temporary portable pools generally described as “kiddie pools,” which are exempt from the provisions of this article. No person in possession of land within the city, whether as owner, purchaser, lessee, or a licensee, upon which is situated a swimming pool having a depth of 18 inches or more of water at any point, shall fail to provide and maintain such fence or wall as herein provided.

Please see the City of Burleson Swimming Pool Requirements packet for more information about swimming pools.

Submittal Requirements

  • Pool Permit Application (PDF)
  • A Site Plan, with dimensions indicating the location of the swimming pool including setback dimensions to property lines and structures. The Site Plan must be stamped by the electrical service provider for the area (Oncor Energy Delivery, UCS, etc.) who will check the location of the electrical and gas service lines leading to the meter. 
  • Fee indicated in the City of Burleson Fee Schedule (PDF)
All components listed above must be submitted with the Building Permit Application. Application packages must be completed and submitted to the Building Permits and Inspections department at 141 W Renfro Street, Burleson, TX 76028 or via email at bldgpermits@burlesontx.com.

Required Inspections

Inspections that are required upon completion of work, but before concealing:
  • Belly Steel Bond
  • Plumbing
  • Pool Deck Electric Bond
  • Setbacks
  • Underground Electric
  • Underground Gas (if heated)
Inspections that are required upon completion of work:
  • Barrier Fence
  • Electrical final
  • Plumbing final
Inspections may be requested through the inspection request line number at 817-426-9636 or through the Online Inspection Request Portal. The inspection request line is an automated line that is available 24 hours a day. Our office hours are 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Any inspection called in before 8 P.M. will be made the following business day.  Contact the main office, 817-426-9632, to cancel an inspection.

Please contact the Building Permits and Inspection department at 817-426-9632 for additional information.