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Dairy Barn

Built in the 1920s, this building was designed as a barn to milk cows in. It still retains the drainage system in the concrete floor and most of the original antique glass in the windows.
dairy barn outside, RF.JPG
The updated air conditioned milking area has been converted to studio space. The feed and hay supply rooms have been updated with wood floors and are currently used as gallery and museum space.

Chesapeake Building
This corrugated metal building was moved to Russell Farm in 2007 from a nearby pecan orchard. It was taken apart piece by piece and reassembled in its new location on Russell Farm. With a total of 1,800 square feet it has many uses including workshops, reunions, receptions, and more.

Baker Building
The oldest barn on the property, the Baker Building has been used to feed and house sheep, cattle, horses and many other farm animals. It was enlarged many years ago and now consists of 3 main rooms. The east side is used for roughing out sculpture. The west side is used for small power carving classes. The center area is equipped with heat and air and is one of the gallery spaces. It is also used for meetings and more intimate events.

Hay Barn
Just like the name says, it is an old hay barn that was built in the 1950s. Now equipped with a concrete floor, bathroom and electricity, the hay barn is the outdoor pavilion and is used for parties, church picnics, reunions and annual pictures with Santa. This building has some real old farm charm.

Russell-Boren House
Martha Russell and her 5 small children called this home when they moved in on Christmas Eve 1877. Then, it was only 3 rooms. Since then it has been expanded to now include a living room, library, formal dining room, 2 large bedrooms and a master bedroom suite with fireplace and large sitting area. The original 3-room house is the central core of the farm house today. Guided tours of the Russell-Boren House are available. Call Russell Farm to make a reservation.

Russell Farm Art Center Gallery
Used as a gallery space, this building also has a full kitchen and an apartment for visiting artists. For more about the Russell Farm Art Center, go to the 501(c)(3) website.