Council Place 3


Reading's priorities as a councilmember include:
  • Providing open and effective communication between the residents and the council
  • Finding educational opportunities to provide a greater understanding of government and policy on both a municipal and state level
  • Prioritizing and maintaining high standards of public safety also to include ensuring budgets reflect the necessary pay, benefits, equipment, and training needed to support all city staff
  • Economic development investments to help further diversify the tax base while providing opportunities for job growth
  • Build on the quality of life and parks master plan to ensure all areas of Burleson have parks that are easily traveled to and from
  • Supporting the sidewalk program to ensure all children have a safe and walkable path to and from our schools
  • Ensure budgets are reflective of responsible management to city growth
  • Research, attend and maintain an active presence within the state level to ensure the rights of municipalities are protected and to prevent state overreach. Local control is a top priority as it pertains to the state legislature

Personal Life

Katherine and her husband, Paul, have been married for 16 years. They have two children who currently attended schools within the Burleson ISD.

Professional Life & Municipal Experience 

Elected to City Council in May 2018
Serves on:
  • Appointments & Council Policies
  • Community & Intergovernmental Relations
  • Governance & Stewardship
  • President of the Economic 4-B Board
  • Economic 4-A Board
  • Served as a Planning & Zoning Commissioner prior to running for council
  • Her primary occupation is a stay at home mother and military wife. Katherine maintains her ability to make policy resides as an instinct from her experience as a stay at home mother and military wife. She has not wavered on her experience citing her passion, knowledge, and accomplishments have proven the ability of both working and stay at home mothers to be active within their local governments 
  • Owns a small planner business that designs unique planners to specific industries. The future of this business is to be sold allowing Katherine to pursue her passion focus primarily on policymaking
  • Prior to becoming a stay at home mother, Katherine, was a veterinary nurse who specialized in Trauma and Anesthesia. In that position, she was tasked with process and protocols to qualify for accredited A.A.H.A within her hospital.
  • Her husband is active duty (FTS) military with nearly 18 years of service. After attachments to both Air and Sea commands together they have lived in over seven states. The Reading’s chose Burleson for retirement back in 2013 where they attended church for nearly three years before being attached to the USS Truman for sea deployment and ship attachment. They received orders back to the NAS Fort Worth where they immediately purchased and settled into Burleson to finish out active duty service to 20 years