2018 Awards & Recognition

Firefighter of the Year

Rob MooreFirefighter Rob Moore took home the Firefighter of the Year honor. Moore has been with the department for 10 years, and he is known for serving in his role as a fighter with “integrity, honor, duty and trust,” states his nomination form. 

His nomination form also highlights his outstanding patient care. “He has a true concern for our citizens and the care we render to them. He even has taken the extra steps and training to assist the department by becoming a community paramedic.” 

To become a community paramedic Firefighter Moore had to go through an intensive training class, field clinical, protocol testing and an interview by Dr. Vithalani, Burleson Fire Department’s Medical Director. Dr. Vithalani noted that Firefighter Moore was very compassionate in the care that he provides and that Moore gave one of the best interviews he has ever been a part of for the Community Paramedic Program. 

“He possesses a strong heart and passion for the fire service and has incorporated that spirit into every assignment or task that is given to him,” states his nomination form. He also will take on tasks not assigned to him because he cares about his fellow firefighters and operational readiness. Firefighter Moore strives daily to better himself because he knows that it will make the department better and the community safer.

Fire Officer of the Year

Matt Moseley

Lieutenant Matt Moseley took home the award for Fire Officer of the Year. Lieutenant Moseley’s nomination form called him ‘a great leader and teacher.’

“Lieutenant Moseley always has a positive attitude and he trains hard,” states his nomination form. He works hard to motivate his crew and is always eager to help others learn more about the job.

Lieutenant Moseley took on the task of moving the department to new uniforms. He spent many hours working on this project both at work and at home. 

“Through all of his responsibilities as an officer Lieutenant Moseley still finds the time to mentor his fellow firefighters,” states his nomination form. 

Lieutenant Moseley began his career with Burleson Fire Department 12 years ago.

Individual Commendation

Firefighter Ryan Neighbors was recognized for his outstanding accomplishment of obtaining his community paramedic credentials through the Office of the Medical Director. Firefighter Neighbors put in a great deal of work and training to ready himself for the field clinical, protocol testing and an interview by Dr. Vithalani, the department’s medical director. Dr. Vithalani praised Firefighter Neighbors and stated that he was “very prepared and surpassed his expectations for the interview, also noting that it was one of the best interviews he has had for the community paramedic program.”

Unit Commendation

Lieutenant Matt Moseley, Firefighter Donny Hallmark, Firefighter Matthew Jefferson, Firefighter Brandon Jacobs and Firefighter Dallas Fowler were the crew that performed lifesaving efforts on a 31-year-old man who was in full cardiac arrest. It was also the first save Burleson Fire Department has with the newly bought LUCAS ® chest compression system.