Special Events Permit

Special events are defined as a fundraising activity or event for non-profit organizations. These events include but are not limited to auctions, second hand goods sales, bake sales, parades, and car washes.

A special events permit, which includes a $50 fee, is required. The duration of a special event is a maximum of three consecutive days. The event must include adequate parking and sanitary facilities. If street closures are requested that request has to be reviewed and approved by the street closure committee.

Applicants must have a letter of consent from the property owner, a site plan, and a completed application. Documentation verifying the applicant's non-profit status must also be provided at the time of the application. Note: Proof of non-profit organization and site plan must be attached to online submittal to be deemed complete. If any of the above referenced items are missing, the application will not be accepted and/or reviewed.
Special Events Permit (PDF)
Special Events Permit (online form)