Veterans Memorial Plaza

The City of Burleson dedicated Veterans Memorial Plaza on Veteran's Day 2009. The plaza is located at 298 East Renfro Street in Old Town Burleson. The purpose of the memorial is to demonstrate that the service of Burleson's veterans is an important part of the community's history which should be preserved and shared with every generation.

Veterans Memorial Plaza has a whole new look, and with the Plaza's 2014 renovation comes all new veteran's bricks.

The new plaza can accommodate 3,024 veteran bricks, 2 times what was originally on display. The veteran's bricks are engraved with the name, branch of service, and conflict in which local veterans served.
Veterans Park
The plaza also includes a bronze eagle and Purple Heart memorial that were unveiled in 2009; the names of veterans from World War I, World War II, Korea and Vietnam from the Johnson County Veterans Monument that were added in 2010; and a POW monument that was added in 2011. In 2018, a bronze Soldier's Cross and bronze plaque commemorating all branches in all foreign conflicts were added.

Another feature is an interactive kiosk. The kiosk allows visitors access to the personal histories and other stories about the service of the military veterans whose names are memorialized on the bricks at the park.