Future of Brushy Mound Water System Site

April 10, 2017 Update!

A public meeting was held on April 4th at City Hall. Attendees viewed a presentation and answered the following questions:

    Does the neighborhood want a communications tower on this property? If yes:
    • Where should it be?
    • How should it be accessed?
    • What should tower look like?

Attendees at the meeting decided “Yes”, a communications tower is needed. Attendees further decided Option 3, a communications lot approximately 50 ft wide and 285 ft deep (essentially a parallel layout to existing lots) at one side of the City property or the other was the appropriate placement with access from Brushy Mound Road via a driveway. Finally, citizens chose a monopole structure with triangular screens to shield the antennas. Attendees also expressed a preference for “low glow” or “soft” up-lighting on the screens to add style and artistic elements to the monopole. Attendees also want the existing bench and fountain be relocated near the communications lot and greenspace be incorporated at the entry way/access driveway.
Interested citizens may view the April 4th presentation here (with notes/outcomes from the meeting shown in red). The PROPOSED CONCEPT PLAN FOR THE TOWER SITE CAN BE FOUND HERE.

Original Post Dated March 22, 2017

The City owns property at 231 SW Brushy Mound Road. Located on this property currently are city water system infrastructure (two water storage tanks and one abandoned elevated storage tank) and communications equipment owned by both the City and cell phone providers (who have leases for placement of the equipment and antennae on the abandoned elevated storage tank).
The City is currently designing improvements to its water system which will allow for the removal of all water system tanks on the property. Once completed, the City must determine what will happen to the property since it will no longer be needed for water storage.
The City’s preliminary plans for this property are to subdivide the property into three lots with two sold for residential development and a third retained for cellular transmission & city communication purposes. A presentation on the City’s preliminary plans may be found here. You may view the City Council’s discussion here: https://burlesontx.swagit.com/play/02062017-1988 

The City’s plans are preliminary at this time and public input is an important element in finalization of the City’s plans. 


Tuesday, April 4, 2017 at 7:00 P.M.
in the Council Chambers at
City Hall
141 W. Renfro St.

At this meeting, a brief presentation will be given and we will solicit your input and ideas on the City’s plans for the future of this site. Please contact Deputy City Manager Paul Cain at 817-426-9680 with any questions in advance of the meeting.