Irene Street & Garden to Johnson Safe Routes Project

Irene St, Gardens to Johnson Safe Routes Project map
Location:  *Gardens Blvd, Bailey Lake to Irene Street
*Irene Street, Gardens Blvd to Gregory Street

Start Date:
1st Quarter 2021
End Date: 
Approximately 18 - 24 months after start of project. 
Purpose: To improve the safety of pedestrians and bicycling activity in the area, particularly providing safe routes to school. 
End Result:
*all work is within the city's rights-of-way
Gardens Blvd (Bailey Lake Park to Irene)
*Replace sidewalk with 10-foot concrete shared use path
*Construct parking islands
Irene Street (Gardens to Gregory)
*Remove on-street parking on east side of street
*Construct four-foot wide concrete median on east side of street
*Construct ten-foot wide concrete shared use path
*Construct parking islands/bulb outs on west side at intersections
*A 4’ sidewalk will also be constructed on the west side of the street between Gardens and Hidden Creek Parkway
Gregory Street
*Construct 10-foot concrete shared use path on east side of street (Kerr Middle School's side)
*Stripe on-street parking lanes with solid white stripe and stripe center line (double yellow)
Johnson Ave.
*Add an 8’ wide 2-way Bike Sidepath from Gregory to Warren Park
*Replace existing sidewalk with a 10’ Shared Use Path in Warren Park
*Construct a 10’ Shared Use Trail to playground and swing facilities in Warren Park
*Add a bridge over Town Creek along the Trail route
*Add a Pedestrian Crosswalk across Johnson between Warren Park and the Library
Project Cost: Estimated $2.4 million
Funding Source:  Federal Funding of $1.7 million through the Transportation Alternatives Program. The remaining amount will be funded through the City's Annual Sidewalk Program.  
Progress:  April, 2018 - Design 60% complete. Review to begin by TXDOT. 

June 19, 2017 - Design work approved by City Council.

Public Meeting Date: February 22nd, 2018 City Council Chambers. 4:30-7:00 pm

June 2018: Construction is expect to start early 2021. 
Closures/Detours:  To be determined.