McNairn Water Lines - 174 to Turkey Peak

McNarin water line
Location:  From NW Jayellen Avenue to McNarin Road at SH 174
Start Date:
February 2019
End Date: 
November 2019.
Purpose: To add transmission capacity from the new Turkey Peak ground storage tank to lower pressure plane and to replace an aging sanitary sewer main.
End Result:
Additional water capacity to meet increasing population demands and a new sanitary sewer that will need less annual maintenance, prevent sewer failure for citizens. 
Project Cost: $2.1 Million
Funding Source: 
Water and Sewer Bonds and the Water and Sewer Independent Rehabilitation program.

Progress:  June 2019: Project is underway.
Closures/Detours:  Temporary closures of McNairn and a portion of Wilshire frontage road anticipated. Full scope of closures and detours to be determined.