Village Creek Trail

Village Creek Trail Project Graphic Website 030818
Location:  Park property and right-of-way from Chisenhall Fields to SW Hillside Dr along the north side of Village Creek.

Start Date:
Q4 2016
End Date: 
Q1 2020 
Description: Segments 3 and 4 of Village Creek Trail (1.6 miles); ten foot wide concrete hike and bike trail from SW corner of Chisenhall Fields parking lot, under SH174 to SW Hillside Dr. The addition will provide a continuous off-road trail from SW Hillside Dr. to Tinker Trail north of Bailey Lake Park (3.2 miles total length).
Project Cost: $1,943,000
Funding Source: 
CO Bond 2016 
Approval Date:  June 6, 2016
Topo survey complete; analyzing creek crossings; design to begin Q2 2018