Parks Master Plan Update

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The City of Burleson is updating its Parks Master Plan. This project will examine existing parks, services, conduct a comprehensive community input process, and help determine the current and future parks' service levels for the community.

Community involvement and public input will be a critical component of the process. The updated plan will prioritize the needs and desires for upgrading existing and potentially creating new parks and services. The Parks Master Plan Update will help to determine the phasing, timing, funding, and other details for these projects and services for the next several years.

About the Plan Update Process

Citizen feedback and stakeholder input is a crucial component of the master plan update process. The city and its contracted partners will use quantitative and qualitative assessment tools to assist in collecting information and public feedback to assure residents and various community stakeholders are provided an opportunity to participate in the plan's update.

The plan update process includes:

  • Community workshops, dates are below. 
  • An online survey was available Aug. 1 - 31. 
  • Public recommendation presentations
  • General community-wide workshops to be held after the completion and evaluation of the survey

The information collected will provide guidance on key needs and priorities to help the city make decisions regarding current and future parks, recreation, and trails that are consistent with citizen priorities.

Community Workshops - The public is welcome to attend any or all meetings on the topics discussed. Although each meeting will focus on a specific topic, any general input regarding existing parks, park services, desire for future parks and services, etc. will be welcomed. General community-wide workshops will be held after the completion and evaluation of the survey. 

Thursday, Oct. 18
6:30 p.m.
Burleson City Hall, 141 W Renfro Street
Saturday, Oct. 20
10:30 a.m.
Burleson Senior Center, 216 SW Johnson Ave
Thursday, Nov. 1
6:30 p.m.
NorthPointe First Baptist Church, 2450 SW Wilshire Blvd,