COVID-19 Small Business Assistance


The federal government passed the CARES Act on March 27, 2020 to provide emergency assistance and health care response for individuals, families, and businesses affected by the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. If you need additional assistance with the SBA portion of this bill you may want to contact your banking institution first but please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Economic Development Team at

Additional Resources

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SBA Disaster Loan - View the SBA Disaster Assistance in Response to the Coronavirus PDF here. For tips on how to apply and to learn about loan requirements, watch video. For a screen-by-screen walk through of the application process, view PDF. Case Manager phone number, (800) 659-2955.

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Small Business Cleaning Supplies Assistance Request Form

In the midst of a global pandemic, our community is in uncharted territory, gauging the full societal and economic impacts of COVID-19. The City of Burleson is committed to work with all of our community partners and local businesses to help provide as much assistance as possible in this trying time. Elected officials have formed a “Local Business Coalition” to spearhead some grassroots efforts to help support these businesses quickly. In addition to Mayor Ken Shetter’s request to the State in relaxing the restrictions on local use of Sales Tax expenditures in order to use those funds directly toward job retention, this group is finalizing a platform to allow consumers to purchase gift cards from local businesses. This website will roll out to the public as early as March 19. The website will be a central point and will transfer gift cards purchased directly to the merchant without any fees. The City will continue to broaden these initiatives and develop more avenues as more needs arise.

Buy a gift card to your favorite Burleson business - help them now!

btx gift cards imageOur community is in uncharted territory when trying to gauge the full economic impacts of the coronavirus. The City of Burleson is committed to working with our community partners and local businesses to help provide as much assistance as possible in this trying time. The Coronavirus Pandemic hugely impacted our small business community. These businesses have been there when we asked for support, whether it be BYA, BISA, or any of our children’s fundraisers.

The time is NOW for our community to step up and give support back to these businesses through a new program called BTX Gift Cards. We are asking everyone to take a look at the amount that you and your family spend at local businesses each month and consider continuing that through the purchasing E-Gift Cards. Whether you choose to use the gift cards now --- for to-go/curbside --- after the crisis has ended --- as a gift in the future or if you decide to use it as a donation, our local businesses need our community’s support now more than ever.

Our community’s generosity and support of these local businesses will not only directly help the employees at these locations, but also indirectly help our local economy continue until this Pandemic has passed.

So let’s start the movement!  “Burleson helping Burleson,” paying it forward to the local businesses that call our community home.

Buy a gift card now!