Ambulance Consideration


In November 2021, City Council received a final draft report from city staff and Fitch & Associates regarding the Long Range Master Plan for Burleson Fire Department. A specific question Fitch was asked to analyze, was to determine the feasibility and efficacy of transitioning out of the MedStar ambulance system and providing city and department based EMS –patient transport services.  View long-range master plan final draft for the Burleson Fire Department

December 17, 2021 City Council Work Session

During this city council meeting presentations from MedStar Mobile Healthcare, Fitch & Associates and staff from Burleson Fire Department were given.  Watch the meeting

MedStar Mobile Healthcare presentation
Consultant Fitch & Associates presentation
Burleson Fire Department presentation 

Other information discussed at this meeting include the following:
MedStar Mobile Healthcare performance metrics
Financial Pro Forma developed by Burleson Finance Department 

January 10, 2022 City Council Work Session

City Council requested additional information from staff for this work session. This meeting continued to discuss the information requested and the feasibility and efficacy of transitioning out of the MedStar Transportation Model.  Watch the meeting

Burleson Fire Department presentation