NASA's Artemis Project Challenge

Nasa's Artemis Project Challenge

NASA's Artemis Project:

To the Moon, Mars, and Beyond!

September 1 - September 30

From Sep. 1 to Sep. 30, the Burleson Public Library will participate in the “NASA’s Artemis Project: To the Moon, Mars, and Beyond!” reading challenge sponsored by the Space Science Institute. We challenge our patrons to read at least 600 minutes and keep track of their reading during the challenge. Hundreds of libraries across the nation will be reading and learning alongside us for a chance to win backpacks of STEM-related resources from the Space Science institute to be added to the library collection.  These backpacks will then be available for checkout to our patrons if our library wins the challenge!  

Be sure to also use these hashtags if you choose to share!  #STEAMMinLIB #BeanBlast

Happy reading, Burleson!

Sign up for the challenge here!