Red Light Camera

This could cost you! You must come to a complete stop if the traffic signal is red, even if turning right. You are required by law to make that complete stop before the white stop line painted on the pavement. Watch the video on how it works.

Come to a Complete Stop
After you come to a complete stop, you may then move forward, with caution, if needed to see around other stopped traffic. If you do so, be cautious of pedestrians and cross traffic.

Example of Red Light Violation
Failure to come to a complete stop could result in a citation for a red light violation. To see an example of a red light camera violation, please view the red light violation video (requires Windows Media Player).

General Payment Information
Payments can be made by mail, phone, or online. For your convenience drop boxes are located at the police department, city hall and the municipal court to drop a payment in. Please include your Notice of Violation number on your check or money order. Please do not mail cash. To pay by mail: Send check or money order to the City of Burleson or you can visit the Violation Information website.


Revenues from red light violations may be used only to fund traffic safety programs, including pedestrian safety, public safety, intersection improvements, and traffic enforcement. For more information, see the Policy for Use of Revenues from Red Light Cameras.