Community Services

Available Programs
The Burleson Fire Department has many programs that are in place to benefit our citizens. These include the following:
  • Citizens Fire Academy - Are you interested in a crash course on what it takes to be a firefighter? Then sign up for the Burleson Fire Department’s free Citizens Fire Academy. This is for the adults (18 and older).
  • Fire Safety Public Education Programs - These are given to local schools, not only during Fire Prevention Month, but also throughout the year.
  • Junior Fire Academy - This program is for students who are entering the fifth grade in the fall. This is a four-day program for students to learn about the fire service and fire safety.
  • Preplans of Local Businesses - These help firefighters gain knowledge of building layouts and pre-incident fire planning.
  • Smoke Detector Check - You can submit a request online for an inspection of your smoke detectors.