Bid Awards

Bid Awards & Renewals

The Burleson City Council awards contracts resulting from bid solicitations during the City Council meetings on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month.
Bid Number Description
ITB 2013-003 (PDF) Award Contract for Time and Material Electrical Services
ITB 2013-006 (PDF) Award Janitorial Supplies and Paper Goods
ITB 2013-007 (PDF) Award Janitorial Services
ITB 2013-012 (PDF) Award Annual Contract for Street Material
ITB 2013-017 (PDF) Award Pipe & Appurtenance
ITB 2013-019 (PDF) Award 2013 Micro Surface Program
ITB 2013-020 (PDF) Award 2013 Mill & Overlay Program
ITB 2013-021 (PDF) Award 2013 Mulch & Grind Service
RFP 2013-022 (PDF) Award 2013 Professional Audit Service
ITB 2013-025 (PDF) Award 2013 Document Litigation Project
ITB 2013-023 (PDF) Annual Contract for Chisenhall Fields
ITB 2013-024 (PDF) Annual Contract for Mowing ROW
RFP 2013-026 (PDF) Depository Contract
ITB 2014-004 (PDF) Annual Contract for Concrete Repairs & Installation
RFQ 2014-008 (PDF) Oil, Gas and Mineral Management
ITB 2014-009 (PDF) Veteran's Memorial Plaza
RFQ 2014-011 (PDF) Design Build Police Department
ITB 2015-001 (PDF) Annual Contract for Mowing Chisenhall Fields Complex
ITB 2015-002 (PDF) Annual Contract for Mowing Rights-of-Way City of Burleson
ITB 2015-003 (PDF) Annual Contract for Electrical Time and Material
 ITB 2015-008 2015 Mill Work Project (various)
 ITB 2015-009 Cement Stabilization of SW Hulen
 ITB 2015-010 Annual Landscape Maintenance for the BRiCk
 ITB 2015-012 Mowing Rights-of-Way
 ITB 2016-008
Annual Contract for Janitorial Services
 ITB 2016-010  Pipe and Appurtenances
 ITB 2016-012  Water Meters
 RFQ 2016-015 Annual Ground and Bed Maintenance for BRiCK
 ITB 2016-018  Grounds Maintenance for Medians and ROW
 ITB 2016-019  Contract for Hidden Creek Sports Complex and Barlett Park Soccer Complex Mowing

For more information on Bid Awards, please email or call the Purchasing Manager at 817-426-9646.