What emergency plans are in place in case of an accident?
Prior to the commencement of any gas or other hydrocarbons production activities, Operator shall submit to the Fire Marshal and City Manager an Emergency Action Response Plan establishing written procedures to minimize any hazard resulting from drilling, completion or producing of gas wells.

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1. What is the Barnett Shale?
2. How can I find out if a natural gas well permit has been obtained near my property or additional information about gas well drilling within our City limits?
3. Does the drilling harm the environment?
4. Can someone else own the minerals underneath my property? How can I tell if I own my minerals?
5. How far must a well be from my property or public structures / areas?
6. Will drilling affect the foundation of my house?
7. What emergency plans are in place in case of an accident?
8. Does the City profit when drilling takes place on private property?
9. Can a gas well be placed on my property without my permission?
10. What can I expect when a company is going to drill in my area?
11. Is the City monitoring our water supply due to water usage by the drillers?
12. Who can I call if I have a question or a complaint?
13. Will someone be on the drilling site at all times?