What can I expect when a company is going to drill in my area?
A sign will be placed near the proposed well site advertising that a permit application has been submitted. Notices will be sent to residents/ property owners within 1,000 feet of the well site. Additionally, staff sends a separate notice to residents/ property owners if a proposed will is to be located within 1,000 feet of any protected use.

A pad generally 300 feet by 300 feet will be prepared and a drilling rig will move onto the location. The drilling rig will be on site for approximately 15 days per well actually drilling the well and running pipe or casing into the hole. After the well is drilled the drilling rig will move off. Shortly thereafter a smaller “work over” rig will move in and prepare the wells for hydraulic fracturing. This process may take 2-3 days per well. The hydraulic fracturing is the noisiest part of the process and is limited to the daytime hours. Hydraulic fracturing generally takes 7-10 days per well depending on depth. Next the initial flowback will occur. This is necessary for most of the salt water to be produced from the well so the gas will then flow more easily. This process can take several days per well. The well completions process is next and a small portable rig will move back onto the site.

After completion operations, surface equipment will be installed along with appropriate fencing, gates, and landscaping. From this point there will be minimal activity on the location. Occasionally a small rig may be brought to the location for remedial work.

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