Why did they leave my garbage, leaves, or limbs/brush behind?

All garbage, leaves, limbs and bulk must be at the curb by 7:00 a.m. the morning of collection.  Leaves are now part of your garbage collection.  You no longer have to place them in the paper yard bags.  Collection is twice a week for garbage and once a week for recycling.  Collection of tree limbs cut to 6-foot lengths or shorter are collected both during the weekly small bulk collection of 3 cubic yards or less (always set out on your second garbage collection day) and monthly in accordance to your respective zone on the Monday of your designated zone week.  These collections are pre-set; therefore, there is no need to call for a scheduled collection.  Call BTX311 if you have any further questions.  Reasons for not collecting could be that the bags are over 35 pounds; there is an obstruction keeping them from getting to the collection, i.e., vehicle parked in front of item, tree or other obstruction preventing the use of the brush truck and/or late set out of these items.

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