What is required for the Human Performance Evaluation Test (Physical Agility Test)?




LiftLift 120 pounds weighted box from chair height to the floor
PullHorizontally transfer 180 pounds on a sled a distance of 45 feet
Lift-Carry100 pounds vertical lift from the floor, and horizontally transfer object 30 feet and place on the floor
Push-PullHorizontally transfer 75lbs of force on a sled a distance of 90 feet
Maximum Grip Strength TestMeasurement of strength based on normative data based on age and sex on both the right and left hand taking an average of 3 trials 
Average of 3
Maximum Pinch TestMeasurement of trigger pinch based on normative data taking an average of 3 trials on both right and left hand with a minimum of 15 pounds required
Average of 3
Climb 1Run to ascend and descend a step with a height of 8 inches from the floor
36 Steps
Climb 2Climb onto mat, turn around, and climb down from mat
Jump 1Running jump minimum of 4 feet
Jump 2Jump a height of 2 feet to clear an obstacle
Jump 3Jump down a height of 3 feet

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2. What is required for the Human Performance Evaluation Test (Physical Agility Test)?
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