What can an applicant expect to experience at the Police Academy?

The academy is generally Monday thru Friday 8am to 5pm and the two we use are located either in North West Fort Worth or Arlington. Cadets are not required to live at the academy, but must be able to transport themselves there each day. There are also some evening classes for night time practical exercises. The police academy is a paramilitary training environment with strict guidelines on uniform appearance, discipline, teamwork, and ethics. Cadets will be expected to perform physical tasks such as running, jumping, climbing, defensive tactics training, firearms training, and emergency driving training. Academic tasks will include classroom lectures to cover the various legal issues officers must comprehend. There is a lot of memorization of legal statutes and tables. The police academy classroom portion of the training is similar to that of college academics. Cadets will have to pass numerous exams and quizzes with minimum standards set by the state during the academy concluding with a state licensing exam.  

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4. Are applicants hired as employees and paid while attending the Police Academy?
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7. What can an applicant expect to experience at the Police Academy?
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