What is balance billing, and does Burleson Fire/EMS balance bill for ambulance services?

Balance billing is a practice where a healthcare provider bills a patient for the difference between the provider's charges and the amount covered by the patient's insurance, often resulting in an unexpected bill for the patient.

While Burleson Fire/EMS does engage in balance billing where approved by state and federal law, it is important to note that this practice is now tightly regulated through Texas Senate Bill 2476. The new Senate bill will eliminate most all balance billing situations, meaning that patients will not be responsible for paying any out-of-pocket costs above their deductible or payable responsibility for ground ambulance rides, even if they are transported by an out-of-network ambulance provider.

This is a significant improvement for patients, as the Senate Bill aims to protect them from surprise medical bills from ground ambulance care provided. It is also a positive development for ambulance providers, as it will ensure that they are paid for their services by the insurance provider. 

For more detailed information about Senate Bill 2476 and how it applies to ground ambulances, Burleson Fire Department provided a presentation to the council on August 21, 2023. To view the presentation, please follow this link: Council Meeting Presentation - August 21, 2023 and select option 7. F. We are committed to adhering to the regulations and guidelines set forth by this legislation to provide fair and transparent billing practices for our community members.

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