How were the changes decided?

In May and June 2018, the city conducted public outreach asking residents what they would like to see in their trash and recycling services. An online and print survey was available and eight public meetings were held throughout the community, including an online town hall. Over 1,700 surveys were returned, and city staff utilized this input to make the following changes to Burleson’s trash and recycling program.

The survey was available for six weeks and was advertised via link on the city's utility bill, on the front page of the city's website, in the Burleson Star, for over six weeks in the the city's weekly e-newsletters, on the city's Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account, on the city's cable channel, in a news release, at multiple council meetings and the city hosted an Facebook Town Hall, and town halls at the following locations last summer: Bransom Elementary, City Hall, Hajek Elementary, Victory Family Church, and Burleson Public Library.  

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1. What are the garbage and recycling changes?
2. Why are there changes to the garbage and recycling services?
3. How were the changes decided?
4. What do we do with our current recycling bin?
5. Will the recycling carts have lids and wheels?
6. What should we do with our yard waste?
7. How do the changes affect the solid waste bill?
8. What if I don't want a recycling cart?
9. Where should I store by recycling cart?