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City Secretary

  1. Burleson 101 Civic Academy
  1. Public Meeting Speaker Card - Online

    Speaker sign up if you cannot attend in person to comment on items listed on the council agenda. Must be received 30 prior to the... More…


  1. Computer Hardware Request
  2. Facilities Maintenance Request
  3. Longevity Election Form
  4. Notice to Stop Payroll Deduction
  5. Swap Board Request
  1. Computer Software Request
  2. Helpdesk Form

    Use this form to send a trouble ticket to IT requesting help.

  3. Miscellaneous Payroll Deductions Form
  4. Personnel Request Update

    When a new employee is hired, terminated or transferred to another position within the organization, please complete this form in order... More…

Environmental Services

  1. Beautification Nomination Form
  2. Ten on Tuesday

    Sign this pledge to pick up 10 pieces of litter (or more!) every Tuesday and chunk them in the trash or toss them into a trash can or... More…

  1. Burleson Safe Recommendations for Retailers
  2. Trash Bash Registration

Fire Department Public Forms

  1. Burleson Fire Department Citizen AED Location Form

    Submit this form to identify the location of your AED for an upcoming program with the Burleson Fire Department

  2. Citizen Safety Preparedness Workshop - Compression Only CPR and Stop The Bleed

    This workshop provides the knowledge and skills required for effective response to threats, how to recognize and control... More…

  1. Burleson Fire/EMS Community Risk Reduction Request

    Use this form to schedule a fire station tour.

  2. Pool Safety Check

Fire Marshal

  1. Fire and Life Safety Complaints
  2. Public Events Permit Application - Revised 2022
  1. Fire Marshal Inspection Request

    Request an inspection for building, fixed system, sprinkler, underground fire line, UST.

  2. Request for Community Risk Reduction Program

    Use this form to request one of our Community Risk Reduction programs.


  1. 3D File Print Requests

    Submit your .stl fine to request a 3D print.

  2. Ask A Librarian

    Ask a Librarian questions are answered by degreed librarians with subject expertise in a wide range of disciplines.

  3. Burleson Library Outreach Request

    The Burleson Library Outreach Van, Reading Rover, provides services to the Burleson community. Interested in having Reading Rover... More…

  4. Contact Amanda

    Contact Amanda Cadenhead

  5. Contact Carrie

    Contact Carrie Chavez

  6. Contact Heather

    Contact Heather Huse

  7. Contact Kelly

    Contact Kelly Clute

  8. Contact Paula

    Contact Paula Skundberg

  9. Contact Sara

    Contact Sara Miller

  10. Homebound Reader's Profile

    The Burleson Public Library provides free delivery of library materials to eligible Burleson residents who are unable to come to the... More…

  11. Room Reservation Request

    The library has meeting rooms available for reservation when not in use by the library.

  12. Teen Programming Email Signup
  1. Adult Programming Email Signup
  2. Brick Member Library Card Application
  3. Children's Programming Email Signup
  4. Contact Becky

    Contact Becky Propp

  5. Contact Christy

    Contact Christy Bush

  6. Contact Interlibrary Loan

    Contact Interlibrary Loan

  7. Contact Kerry

    Contact Kerry Montgomery

  8. Contact Rogann

    Contact Rogann Wood

  9. Contact Wendy

    Contact Wendy Lastovica-Alvey

  10. Proctor Request

    This is the form to request a proctored exam.

  11. Senior Center Newsletter Signup

Neighborhood Services

  1. PARTNER with Burleson

    PARTNER with Burleson is a neighborhood clean-up initiative to help residents eliminate clutter and provide a convenient way to do some... More…

Parks & Rec

  1. Annual Membership Contract

    This contract must be completed to purchase an Annual Membership at the Burleson Recreation Center.

  2. BRiCk Community Scholarship Fund

    The BRiCk Community Scholarship Fund is a great tool to help citizens who may be dealing with financial constraints utilize the... More…

  3. BRiCk Membership Cancellation - Annual Membership

    Annual Membership Passes are non-refundable, with the exception of the 30-day Opt Out Period which allows Annual paid in full members... More…

  4. BRiCk Rental Request Form

    Rental request form for the BRiCk. Pool Party Rooms, Meeting Rooms, and Courts

  5. Burleson Bricks for Veterans Order Form
  6. Christmas on the Farm Vendor Application

    Visit Russell Farm Art Center for a country Christmas. The festivities include Christmas craft stations, pictures with a donkey wearing... More…

  7. Honey Tour Carnival Vendor Application

    The City of Burleson Parks & Recreation Department is hosting the first annual BTX Honey Tour Carnival in conjunction with the Burleson... More…

  8. Russell Farm Pumpkin Trail Application

    We Need You! This is an event to show the fall spirit of our local community! Organizations can join the fun and gain exposure for... More…

  9. Standard Event Food Vendor Application

    Burleson Parks and Recreation events draw attendees from across the North Texas region with overall attendance reaching as high as... More…

  10. Summer Camp Enrollment Form 2022

    We are excited to share our 2022 Summer Camp Program with you!

  1. Boo Bash Vendor Application

    Free trick-or-treating for children from birth to 12 years old. Children can participate in free games, bounce houses and more.

  2. BRiCk Donation Request

    The BRiCk Donation Request Form is a way for companies and organizations to request donations from the center to be given out for the... More…

  3. BRiCk Membership Cancellation - Monthly Draft

    The Membership Cancellation form must be submitted at least 5 business days before the next draft date. If the form is not submitted... More…

  4. Bunny Daze Vendor Application

    Bring your Easter basket and fill it as quickly as you can during our Eggstravaganza! There will be activities including games, bounce... More…

  5. Chisenhall Fields Rental Request Form

    Rental request form for Chisenhall Baseball & Softball Tournaments.

  6. Founders Day Vendor Application

    Founders Day is an annual celebration of the rich history of the Burleson Community. The festival is held on the second Saturday of... More…

  7. Open Play Pick Up Waiver

    This waiver must be completed if parents elect to allow their child to leave the Burleson Recreation Center unattended at the end of... More…

  8. Sponsorship Application

    Take advantage of an opportunity to gain additional exposure for your organization or business while getting involved with our... More…

  9. Standard Event Vendor Application

    Burleson Parks and Recreation events draw attendees from across the North Texas region with overall attendance reaching as high as... More…

  10. Swim Lesson Scholarship Application

    The Burleson Drowning Prevention Coalition has funds to help citizens who may be dealing with financial constraints have the... More…

Permits & Inspections

  1. Building Permits Inspection Request

    Request an inspection for building, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, energy, fuel/gas, irrigation, pools, storage building, etc.

  1. Garage/Yard Sale Permit

    garage, estate or yard sale online permit request


  1. Are You OK Program Application
  2. Citizen Police Academy Application
  3. Explorer Notice of Interest
  4. Personnel Complaint Form
  5. Vacation Home Check
  1. Business Contact Information
  2. Citizen's Radar / Traffic Enforcement Request

    Use this form to report traffic related problems. The police department will make every attempt to get officers into the area to... More…

  3. Guardian Program

    The Guardian Program is designed to assist law enforcement quickly locate missing persons that are endangered due to a diagnosed... More…

  4. Police Employee Commendation Form


  1. Animal Services Customer Satisfaction Survey

    Are you satisfied with the services of the Burleson Animal Shelter?

  2. Website Redesign

    Tell us how the city's website can be more beneficial to you.

  1. Code Enforcement Customer Satisfaction Survey

    Code Enforcement Mission: To preserve the welfare, safety, appearance, and economic stability of our community through the enforcement... More…

Utility Customer Service

  1. Paperless Billing

    If you would like to receive your bill by email instead of through the mail, please submit this form.

  2. Request to rescind Request for Disclosure
  3. Water Service Discontinuation
  1. Request for Disclosure
  2. Water Service Application

    Please fill out this form and bring into the office with your driver's license to set up service.