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Application for Boards, Commissions & Committees

  1. Board Application Form
  2. City Council Speaker Appearance Request

  3. Request a Certificate

  4. Request a Letter of Appreciation or Congratulations

  1. Board Application Form for Youth

    This is an application for youth, teens, to serve on City of Burleson boards, commissions or committees for the purpose of public... More…

  2. Contact your City Council

    To email the Mayor and all Councilmembers complete this form. To email a specific councilmember visit their individual page. Thank you

  3. Request a City Proclamation

  4. Request an Appearance by the Mayor or City Council.

Environmental Services

  1. Beautification Nomination Form
  2. Trash Bash Registration
  1. Ten on Tuesday

    Sign this pledge to pick up 10 pieces of litter (or more!) every Tuesday and chunk them in the trash or toss them into a trash can or... More…

Fire Department Public Forms

  1. Burleson Fire Department Citizen AED Location Form

    Submit this form to identify the location of your AED for an upcoming program with the Burleson Fire Department

Fire Marshal

  1. Fire Marshal Inspection Request

    Request an inspection for building, fixed system, sprinkler, underground fire line, UST.

  1. Public Events Permit Application


  1. Adult Spelling Bee

    Adult Spelling Bee Team registration form

  2. Ask A Librarian

    Ask a Librarian questions are answered by degreed librarians with subject expertise in a wide range of disciplines.

  3. Contact Amanda

    Contact Amanda Cadenhead

  4. Contact Carrie

    Contact Carrie Chavez

  5. Contact Heather

    Contact Heather True

  6. Contact Kelly

    Contact Kelly Clute

  7. Contact Marc

    Contact Marc Marchand

  8. Contact Sara

    Contact Sara Miller

  9. Friends of the Library Application
  10. Parent-Child Play & Learn Registration

    Program registration

  11. Suggestion for Purchase

    If you would like the library to consider purchasing a particular title, please use this form to submit your suggestion.

  1. Adult Voice Acting Workshop Registration

    Program registration

  2. Burleson Bricks for Veterans Order Form
  3. Contact Becky

    Contact Becky Propp

  4. Contact Chelsey

    Contact Chelsey Culp

  5. Contact Heather

    Contact Heather Huse

  6. Contact Kerry

    Contact Kerry Montgomery

  7. Contact Paula

    Contact Paula Skundberg

  8. Dog Tales Registration

    Program registration

  9. Interlibrary Loan Request Form
  10. Proctor Request

    This is the form to request a proctored exam. Exams are proctored by Masters-degreed librarians.

  11. Young Builders Registration

    Program registration

Neighborhood Services

  1. PARTNER with Burleson

    PARTNER with Burleson is a neighborhood clean-up initiative to help residents eliminate clutter and provide a convenient way to do some... More…

Permits & Inspections

  1. Building Permits Inspection Request

    Request an inspection for building, mechanical, electrial, plumbing, energy, fuel/gas, irrigation, pools, storage building, etc.

  2. Special Event Permit

    Special events are defined as a fundraising activity or event for churches and other non-profit organizations.

  1. Garage/Yard Sale Permit

    garage, estate or yard sale online permit request


  1. Business Contact Information
  2. Personnel Complaint Form
  3. Vacation Home Check
  1. Citizen's Radar / Traffic Enforcement Request

    Use this form to report traffic related problems. The police department will make every attempt to get officers into the area to... More…

  2. Police Employee Commendation Form


  1. Animal Services Customer Satisfaction Survey

    Are you satisfied with the services of the Burleson Animal Shelter?

  1. Code Enforcement Customer Satisfaction Survey

    Code Enforcement Mission: To preserve the welfare, safety, appearance, and economic stability of our community through the enforcement... More…

Utility Customer Service

  1. Paperless Billing

    If you would like to receive your bill by email instead of through the mail, please submit this form.

  2. Water Service Discontinuation
  1. Water Service Application

    Please fill out this form and bring into the office with your driver's license to set up service.