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Responsible Pet Ownership Quiz

  1. This form is to be completed after reviewing the Responsible Pet Ownership training.
  2. What is the maximum number of animals a resident can have on their property without a multi-pet permit?
  3. Your animal may be impounded if it is picked up running at large.
  4. At what age can a cat or dog get pregnant?
  5. Which dog breed is more likely to bite?
  6. When you are attacked by a dog you should run away from the dog.
  7. Which vaccination is required by law in the City of Burleson?
  8. How is the rabies virus transmitted?
  9. Which of these animals is NOT one of the five high risk rabies transmitters?
  10. Cruelty charges can be filed on pet owners if they do not provide medical care for their pet.
  11. The Animal Shelter is located off of which major road?
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