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Small Business Cleaning Supplies Assistance

  1. Small Business Cleaning Supplies Assistance
  2. The City of Burleson would like to assist small businesses in cleaning their businesses when they are unable to find cleaning supplies. Our goal is to assist you to stay open to serve our community, while maintaining the highest level of safety.
  3. These supplies are only available to businesses that are currently open to the public. No home businesses or businesses that are not allowing customers.
  4. I certify the products requested are to clean/disinfect the inside of a store/office that is currently open to the public. *
  5. Each order will be filled based on available supplies, we are only trying to provide a stop gap until excessive purchasing of these items cease. Please note, businesses located inside the city limits of Burleson will be given preference.
  6. This is how we will inform you your order is ready to be picked up.
  7. Please select ONLY TWO requested cleaning supplies below
    Please note: we will do our best to fill request but we do have a limited supply of materials.
  8. You will receive an email when your supplies are ready with instructions on how and when you can pick them up.
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