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Public Events Permit Application


  1. 1. Public Event
  2. 2. Promoter Information
  3. 3. Applicant Information
  4. 4. Event Location
  5. 5. Property Owner Information
  6. 6. Event Details
  7. 7. Event Plans
  8. 8. Insurance Information
  9. 9. Applicant's Signature
  • Public Event

    1. A public event is any meeting or gathering held at a specific location within the city limits, which attracts or can be expected to attract more than 500 persons at any instant during the meeting or gathering. The term does not include an event or gathering that occurs within or on the same property as an established permanent stadium, arena, auditorium or other similar permanent structure that has sufficient existing and permanent electrical service, plumbing, water supply, sanitary sewer service and legal parking spaces to handle the expected number of persons.
    2. Permit Application
      At least 45 days before a "public event" is to be held, the promoter of the public event shall file with the City of Burleson an application for a permit and shall contain the following information.