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  1. Ask A Librarian

    Ask a Librarian questions are answered by degreed librarians with subject expertise in a wide range of disciplines.

  2. Burleson Bricks for Veterans Order Form
  3. Contact Amanda

    Contact Amanda Cadenhead

  4. Contact Brenda

    Contact Brenda Day

  5. Contact Carrie

    Contact Carrie Chavez

  6. Contact Christy

    Contact Christy Bush

  7. Contact Interlibrary Loan

    Contact Interlibrary Loan

  8. Contact Kelly

    Contact Kelly Clute

  9. Contact Lorinda

    Contact Lorinda Lawson

  10. Contact Paula

    Contact Paula Skundberg

  11. Contact Sara

    Contact Sara Miller

  12. Contact Tanya

    Contact Tanya Herschede

  13. Homebound Reader's Profile

    The Burleson Public Library provides free delivery of library materials to eligible Burleson residents who are unable to come to the... More…

  14. Proctor Request

    This is the form to request a proctored exam.

  15. Room Reservation Request

    The library has meeting rooms available for reservation when not in use by the library.

  1. Brick Member Library Card Application
  2. Burleson. A Day in the Life photo submission

    Please submit your photo as a .png or .jpg file. All photo submissions will be framed.

  3. Contact Becky

    Contact Becky Propp

  4. Contact Carrie

    Contact Carrie Cotten

  5. Contact Chalon

    Contact Chalon Foster

  6. Contact Heather

    Contact Heather Huse

  7. Contact Kathleen

    Contact Kathleen Robertson

  8. Contact Kerry

    Contact Kerry Montgomery

  9. Contact Lynda

    Contact Lynda Baldwin

  10. Contact Rogann

    Contact Rogann Wood

  11. Contact Stephanie

    Contact Stephanie Schlect-Maki

  12. Contact Tracy

    Contact Tracy Valerio

  13. Interlibrary Loan Request Form
  14. Reading History Request

    Please save my reading history before we change to the new system!

  15. Senior Center Newsletter Signup