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1. When will Burleson Fire/EMS go live with the new ambulance service?
2. Can patients choose their preferred emergency room destination when using our ambulance service?
3. Does Burleson Fire/EMS use a third-party billing company to process ambulance bills?
4. Will Burleson Fire/EMS offer a subscription plan for its new ambulance service?
5. What is the fee schedule for Burleson Fire/EMS ambulance services?
6. What is balance billing, and does Burleson Fire/EMS balance bill for ambulance services?
7. Do you have backup ambulance service providers if all of your ambulances are out on call?
8. How do I request the fire department at my event?
9. How do I dispose of needles and syringes?
10. How do I dispose of hazardous waste materials?
11. How do I review the detailed notice of privacy practices?