Divisions of the Fire Department


The Burleson Fire Department is trained to respond to various types of calls. Some emergencies require special training and equipment. Department divisions include:

Office of Emergency Management

The Burleson Fire Department coordinates the Office of Emergency Management in the event of any emergency, severe weather or disaster. This office coordinates emergency resources to alert the public and distribute 1st responders to affected areas. This authority is given to the elected mayor of the City by Texas Government Code. The office of the mayor coordinates with the Burleson Fire Department.

Advanced Life Support Services

The Burleson Fire Department provides Advanced Life Support (ALS) services for the citizens. Firefighters are trained in Basic and Advanced Life Support procedures including basic first aid, CPR, intravenous therapy, basic and advanced airway management, Automated External Defibrillator (AED), and much more.

Fire Suppression

The Burleson Fire Department provides fire suppression with the latest apparatus and firefighting equipment. The fire department has three full-time staffed stations located in central, west, and east Burleson.

Special Operations

The Special Operations of the Burleson Fire Department consists of Swift Water Rescue, Confined Space Rescue and Urban Search and Rescue. Burleson firefighters are trained as technicians in each of these specialties.