Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the water pressure change occurring? 
The City of Burleson provides high quality water to all Burleson residents, businesses, and visitors.  The water pressure change was necessary to improve service to certain customers with low pressure.

What is a Pressure Reducing Valve?
Pressure reducing valves (PRVs) are a type of valve installed in a plumbing system to regulate water pressure. PRVs are designed to reduce too-high incoming pressure from water mains to a lower, more functional water pressure for distribution throughout the property.

Why would you want to reduce water pressure?
Over time, high water pressure can damage a property's plumbing system.  The increased force of the water can erode or wear away system components more quickly than at lower pressures, and can cause leaks in water heaters or other appliances and pipes.  Installing PRVs can help prolong the life expectancy of plumbing fixtures, appliances, and irrigation systems.  PRVs are also a water conservation tool, since higher water pressure equals higher water use during everyday activities (showering, hand washing, lawn watering) and especially when there is a leak.

When are PRVs required?
For new construction, City Code requires the installation of a PRV on properties with pressure greater than 80 pounds per square inch (psi).  For most purposes, a water pressure of 50 psi is adequate.  Most residential PRVs have an operating range between 25-75 psi, and are preset at the factory to about 45-50 psi.

Does the City give out PRVs? 
The City of Burleson will not provide a PRV to customers.  The PRV is installed on the property's water line, after the water meter and property owner cut-off valve, and is therefore part of the property owner’s private plumbing. Replacement or repair of the PRV is the property owner’s responsibility.  The City of Burleson is not responsible for any problems associated with a private PRV.

Can I install a PRV myself?
For health and safety reasons, only registered plumbers are permitted to install the PRV. The contracted plumber must obtain a plumbing permit through the City of Burleson Building Inspections Department.  For permitting information please call 817-426-9632.  

Will the PRV save money? 

The amount of water savings expected through the installation of a PRV depends largely on the initial pressure at the property.  In addition to water savings, there would also be savings on wastewater and energy costs, since approximately one-third of the water used inside the home is heated.

Do you have any suggestions on hiring a plumber? 
It is suggested you receive at least three quotes from different Burleson registered plumbers before proceeding.  Also, talk to your family, friends, neighbors, etc. on plumbers they have used in the past.  For a list of registered plumbers in Burleson, go to:

Is a rebate available for irrigation system pressure reduction? 
No.  Only PRVs that reduce pressure in the house, not the irrigation system exclusively, to 80psi are eligible for a rebate.