Illegal Signs

Rights of Way & Permits

No signs of any type (with the exception of warning or construction signs) may be posted on any utility pole or in any public street right of way. Certain signs require a permit. A copy of the sign ordinance can be viewed at city hall, located at 141 West Renfro Street, or go to sign regulations in the Code of Ordinances.

Political Signs

  • Signs are not allowed in the City or State right of way
  • Signs may not be posted on city sidewalks
  • Right-of-way widths vary throughout the city. A general rule of thumb is to place signs 10 to 12-feet back from the curb. Check with the City's Community Development Department, 817-426-9611, if you are unsure of any right-of-way width
  • Signs placed on private property require the owner's authorization
  • Signs projecting over or into the public right of way are prohibited
  • Signs cannot be placed on utility poles