Get Educated

Environmental sustainability education is crucial to the mission of Keep BURLESON Beautiful.

We can all help each other. Some things are easy to do; some small changes in our lives can actually make a difference.

See if there is something you can adopt on the list below.

5 Things YOU can do to help:

  1. Reduce fertilizer use. A single pound of fertilizer will grow more than 500 pounds of algae in the lagoon blocking sunlight to seagrasses, and robbing the water of oxygen, causing fish kills.
  2. Send only rain down the storm drain. Keeping pollutants like grass clippings, yard wastes, oils and trash away from storm drains directly impacts the water quality.
  3. Pick up after pets. Pet waste left on paved surfaces, lawns or around storm drains and water bodies will eventually reach lagoon or other surface waters after rainstorms.
  4. Use Native and Texas-friendly plants. These plants need less water and fertilizer to thrive, provide wildlife habitats, and support biodiversity without overwhelming native species.
  5. Leave only footprints. Respect your surroundings visit properly dispose of wrappers, bottle cans, and other trash.

Each Piece of Litter Discarded on Texas highways costs $1 to pickup.