Police Department


1161 SW Wilshire Blvd
Burleson, TX 76028

1161 SW Wilshire Blvd
Burleson, TX 76028


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Command Staff 

Name Title Email Phone
Cordell, B. Chief of Police 817-426-9913
Sandifer, D. Deputy Chief, Support Bureau 817-426-9917
Cauthern, L. Senior Administrative Assistant 817-426-9913
Crum, R. Captain, Support Bureau 817-426-9915
McGuire, M. Captain, Operations Bureau 817-426-9932
Routson, W. Sergeant, Administration 817-426-9947


Name Title Email Phone
Alley, M. Accreditation Manager 817-426-9979

Community Resource Officers 

Name Title Email Phone
Byrom, J. Community Resource Officer 817-426-9289
Davis, J. Community Resource Officer 817-426-9890
White, J. Community Resource Officer 817-426-9882

Criminal Investigations Division 

Name Title Email Phone
Mabry, T. Sergeant - Criminal Investigations - Crimes Against Persons 817-426-9883
Colson, S. Clerk - Criminal Investigations 817-426-9928
Morrison, S. Detective - Crime Against Persons 817-426-9895
Martin Jr., R. Detective - Crime Against Persons 817-426-9392
Fowler, T. Detective - Crimes Against Persons 817-426-9918
Murray, H. Detective - Crimes Against Persons 817-426-5919
O'Heren, B. Sergeant - Criminal Investigations - Property Crimes 817-426-9881
Wichman, B. Detective - Property Crimes 817-426-9868
Price, C. Detective - Property Crimes 817-426-9982
Smith, C. Detective - Property Crimes 817-426-9899
Pate, M. Detective - Auto-theft 817-426-9891
Carey, D. Property Evidence Coordinator 817-426-9938
Schneider, A. Police Analyst 817-426-9923
Detective, Narcotics     817-202-4010

Patrol Division 

Name Title Email Phone
Adams, D Patrol Sergeant 817-426-9976
Ayuso, R. Patrol Officer 817-426-9980
Barnes, J. Patrol Officer 817-426-9954
Berg, J. Patrol Sergeant 817-426-9984
Brackett, J. Patrol Officer 817-426-9985
Brown, T. Patrol Officer 817-426-9986
Buchanan, T. Patrol Officer 817-426-9972
Chou, H. Patrol Officer 817-426-5922
Daniel, C. Patrol Officer 817-426-9941
Denbow, R. Patrol Officer 817-426-9997
Dicke, J. Patrol Officer 817-426-9871
Dunham, B. Patrol Officer 817-426-9958
Elliott, C. Patrol Officer 817-426-9885
Evans, A. Patrol Officer 817-426-9973
Francia, N. Police Officer  
Freelon, C. Patrol Officer 817-426-9887
Garrett, C. Patrol Sergeant 817-426-9894
Glass, B. Patrol Sergeant 817-426-9949
Gomez, J. Patrol Officer 817-426-9391
Hall, J. Public Safety Recruit  
Hall, R. Patrol Sergeant 817-426-9897
Harvey, S. Public Safety Recruit 817-426-9947
Hathaway, T. Public Safety Recruit  
Heaven, B. Patrol Officer 817-426-9963
Henken, S. Patrol Sergeant 817-426-9327
Hilliard, M. Patrol Officer 817-426-9898
Hunn, J. Public Safety Recruit  
Kinkel, H. Public Safety Recruit 817-426-9947
Kinney, D. Patrol Officer 817-426-5928
Lyman, B. Patrol Officer 817-426-9873
Marston, M. Patrol Officer 817-426-9974
Martin, C. Public Safety Recruit 817-426-9947
Marzahn, C. Public Safety Recruit  
McClure, J. Patrol Officer 817-426-9982
Meugniot, B. Patrol Officer 817-426-9930
Moore, D. Patrol Officer 817-426-9889
O'Heren, C. Public Safety Recruit  
Orozco, J. Patrol Officer 817-426-9971
Peterson, C. Public Safety Recruit  
Pewsey, S. Public Safety Recruit 817-426-9947
Pilgrim, C. Patrol Sergeant 817-426-9961
Prieskorn, A. Patrol Officer 817-426-9886
Rigney, B. Public Safety Recruit 817-426-9947
Rockers, E. Patrol Officer 817-426-9959
Rousseau, B. Patrol Officer 817-426-5917
Stone, S. Patrol Officer 817-426-9952
Stoner, M. Public Safety Recruit 817-426-9947
Tarner, C. Patrol Officer 817-426-9960
Warren, D. Patrol Officer 817-426-9919
White, W. Patrol Officer 817-426-9929


Name Title Email Phone
Choate, D. Records Coordinator 817-426-9970
Harmon, J. Records Clerk 817-426-9906
Peveto, H. Records Clerk 817-426-9907
Rivera, S. Records Supervisor 817-426-9924

School Resource Officers 

Name Title Email Phone
Sherman, R. School Resource Sergeant, STEAM Middle School 817-426-9951
Bartlett, S. School Resource Officer, Kerr Middle School 817-426-9981
Grace, N. School Resource Officer, BHS 817-426-9896
Martin, K. School Resource Officer, Hughes Middle School 817-426-9884
Schaefer, B. School Resource Officer, Centennial High School 817-426-9948
Thorne, N. School Resource Officer, Realm Secondary School 817-426-9957

Public Safety Communications 

Name Title Email Phone
Aston, D. Public Safety Communications Specialist 817-426-9903
Barber, E. PS Communications Specialist  
Bradley, P. Public Safety Communications Director 817-426-9075
Cihacek, L. Public Safety Communications Specialist 817-426-9903
Coen, S. Public Safety Communications Specialist 817-426-9903
Cole, C. Public Safety Communications Specialist 817-426-9903
Cooper, D. PS Communications Specialist  
Cryer, J. PS Communications Specialist  
Daniel, C. PS Communications Specialist  
Frey, C. PS Communications Specialist  
Garcia, A. PS Communication Specialist  
Harmon, J. PS Communications Specialist  
Hinsley, R. PS Communications Specialist  
Landrum, W. PS Communication Specialist  
Lewis, P. PS Communication Specialist  
Lynch, T. PS Communication Specialist  
McDonald, A. Assistant Director of Public Safety Communications  
Morgan, G. PS Communications Specialist  
Orozco, A. Public Safety Communications Specialist 817-426-9903
Peveto, H. PS Communications Specialist  
Reeves, K. Public Safety Communications Specialist  
Robertson, S. PS Communication Specialist  
Victorin, J. Public Safety Communications Specialist 817-426-9903

Traffic Section 

Name Title Email Phone
Collard, R. Traffic Officer 817-426-9987
Fields, J. Traffic Officer 817-426-9893
Kellum, M. Traffic Officer 817-426-9909
Tauch, J. Traffic Officer 817-426-9892

Victim Assistance 

Name Title Email Phone
Beard, S. Victim Assistance Coordinator 817-426-9901
Fankhauser, R. Victims Assistance Coordinator - part time