Community Garden

Community gardening has attracted both beginner and experienced gardeners to Russell Farm where they can rent a gardening plot and share their know-how and interest in raising vegetables and flowers, alongside others, during the growing season.

The public area of Russell Farm, 405 West County Road 714, comprises about 11 acres which are home to the Russell Farm community garden. The garden area will be open Tuesday - Saturday for garden members and volunteers. Children under 18 are welcome in the garden but they must be accompanied by an adult.

Plot-Rental Fee

The seasonal Spring and Summer (Feb - July) individual plot-rental fee is $50 for a 5-foot by 16-foot plot.

The seasonal Fall and Winter (August - January) individual plot-rental fee is $50 for a 5-foot by 16-foot plot. 

The garden fee covers the garden plot with organic top soil medium added, water, and liability insurance. There is also a 1-time plot cleanup deposit of $20.

There are a few scholarships available. Recipients of those scholarships, which cover the annual $50 fee, will be asked to donate 4 hours of volunteer time monthly. 

Contact us to rent plot by email or phone.


Garden members will need to bring their own tools. If you rent a plot, you are responsible for maintaining your own beds and providing your own plants and seeds. You are also free to harvest your own crop. If you can’t use all of your harvest, the food will be donated to an area food bank.