First Offense Program

The First Offense Program was created to assist pet owners who cannot afford the impound fee to reclaim their pets after completing the responsible pet ownership training. The training consists of reading the online training documentation, followed by an online quiz.
Responsible Pet Ownership 6-11-14.jpg
Pet owners are required to take the training within 48 hours of notification their animal has been impounded. Once the training and the quiz are completed, the impound fee ($30 if altered or $45 if not altered) will be waived on the 1st offense for the pet, and the pet will be released back to the owner.

The owner will be required to pay the rabies vaccination fee of $10 (if not current) and the microchip fee of $15 (if not already micro chipped).
For more information about the First Offense Program, email Animal Services or contact them by phone at 817-426-9283.