Special Citizens Bond Advisory Committee

On September 20, 2021, the City Council approved a resolution which created a citizen advisory committee to consider a potential bond election. 

Charge and Scope

  • Consider potential property tax supported capital projects related to streets, drainage, police, fire, and public safety communications.
  • Understand financing capacity for projects, and consider if a bond election is warranted.
    • If so, how much is appropriate?
  • Committee serves in an advisory capacity and reports directly to the City Council.
  • Prepare recommendations for City Council consideration no later than January 10, 2022.


October 13: Charge, Scope and Schedule
October 13: Finance Presentation
October 27: Presentation comparing the City of Burleson’s bond rating with other cities
October 27: Proposed general government capital improvement program
October 27: 5 Year Capital Improvement Program Cost
November 3: Replacement of the Computer-Aided Dispatch system presentation
November 3: Potential expansion of Police Department facilities presentation
November 10: Construction/design options for the expansion of the Police Department headquarters facility presentationStudy Report
November 10: Construction/design options for future Fire Station #4Study Report
November 17: Memo on outstanding questions asked by the committee, including but not limited to questions concerning prioritization of streets, the Intelligent Transportation System, pedestrian bridges, additional lanes on Wilshire Blvd, turn signals onto Wilshire Blvd, bond rating and interest, and bond rating criteria.
December 8: Construction/design options for the expansion of the Police Department headquarters facility presentation
December 15: Preliminary Project Listing

Bond Committee Project Recommendations

Unanimously approved during the Dec. 15, 2021 Bond Advisory Meeting

bond recommendations 2

Bond Advisory Committee Members

Chair: DeeAnn Cheatham
Justin Blair
Brad Burroughs
William Carlson
Matt Cobb
Jentry Cotton
Joaquin Criner
Lindsay French
Mike Gilchrist
Carter Mahanay
Alicia Montes
David O'Connor
Katherine Reading
Michael Tune
JJ Wagner