Special Citizens Bond Advisory Committee

On September 20, 2021, the City Council approved a resolution which created a citizen advisory committee to consider a potential bond election. 

Charge and Scope

  • Consider potential property tax supported capital projects related to streets, drainage, police, fire, and public safety communications.
  • Understand financing capacity for projects, and consider if a bond election is warranted.
    • If so, how much is appropriate?
  • Committee serves in an advisory capacity and reports directly to the City Council.
  • Prepare recommendations for City Council consideration no later than January 10, 2022.


October 13: Charge, Scope and Schedule
October 13: Finance Presentation

Bond Advisory Committee Members

Chair: DeeAnn Cheatham
Justin Blair
Brad Burroughs
William Carlson
Matt Cobb
Joaquin Criner
Lindsay French
Mike Gilchrist
Carter Mahanay
Alicia Montes
David O'Connor
Katherine Reading
Michael Tune
JJ Wagner