Tips & Techniques

Landscaping & Water Conservation Tips & Techniques
Texas SmartScape is an interactive how-to-guide that teaches north central residents the SmartScape concepts of landscaping with native and adapted plants, which promote water conservation and require little or no pesticides or fertilizers to thrive. A yard that is smart for Texas doesn’t have to mean rocks and cactus.

Online Options & Tools
Photographs, landscaping design tools, and a searchable plant database are integrated in the interactive SmartScape. Whether you’re in the market for a major landscape overhaul or just a few quick fixes to save water this summer, Texas SmartScape has the tools to help you succeed.

The Lawn Whisperer
The Lawn Whisperer is the focus of the campaign by the Tarrant Regional Water District as well as Save Dallas Water (Dallas Water Utilities) to encourage residents and businesses to conserve water. Learn about possible future water restrictions, how to cycle and soak, and more through The Lawn Whisperer videos on YouTube. Go to the City Videos page.

For More Information
To learn all about Burleson's 1st Texas Smartscape yard contest, visit Texas SmartScape.