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Are You OK Program Application

  1. BPD Squad car patch without background
  2. RU OK?

    Burleson Police Department
    Are You OK Program Application

  3. Applicant Information
  4. In Case of Emergency, Notify
  5. Next of Kin Information
  6. Key Location/Occupant Information
  7. Extra Key?
  8. Pets?
  9. Live Alone?
  10. Life Alert?
  11. Alarm
  12. Vehicle?
  13. Medical History
  14. Able to Walk?
  15. Any Impairments?
  16. Miscellaneous Information/Remarks
  17. Gender
  18. Ethnicity
  19. Marital Staus
  20. Calls will be placed on Wednesdays
  21. Best time to call
  22. Race

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