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Code Enforcement Customer Satisfaction Survey

  1. Code Enforcement Mission
    To preserve the welfare, safety, appearance, and economic stability of our community through the enforcement of applicable ordinances and zoning.
  2. Please rate your satisfaction with our services.
  3. 1. The Department/officer was professional, courteous and responsive?*
  4. 2. Are there any issues that are not addressed by a City code that you think needs to be addressed better?*
  5. 3. Which one applies to you (mark one)?
  6. 4. What is your impression of the code enforcement officer in your most recent contact?
  7. 5. How would you rate the condition of your neighborhood now, as compared to the previous year?*
  8. 6. How would you rate the overall quality of the service you received from Code Enforcment?*
  9. Thank you!
    Lisa Duello, R.S. City of Burleson Director of Neighborhood Services Office: 817-426-9841
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