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General Information

The Environmental Services Food Establishment Inspection and Permitting Program is put in place to protect the health of all Burleson residents.  This is accomplished through permitting food facilities serving to the public, ensuring that they meet minimum State standards for safe operation, and minimizing risk of spreading food-borne illness.  In addition, we perform routine health inspections to identify potential hazards to public health. 

Report a Complaint

To report suspected food-borne illness, send Environmental Services an email or call (817) 426-9832.

Food Establishment Inspection Scores

Food Establishment Inspection Reports 
Explanation of scoring system:
  • Score is a reflection of violations based on demerits: 100 is a "perfect" score, 70 or below is a failing score. An inspection score of 70 or below requires a follow-up within 3 days. Inspection score of 71 to 75 requires follow-up if priority items are not able to be corrected during initial inspection.
  • Priority Items (3 points each) are the highest risk items for causing food-borne illnesses. These items if cited as a violation must be corrected within 3 days if not able to do so immediately, it may require reheating, rapid cooling, or discarding food out of proper temperature range. 
  • Priority Foundation Items (2 points each) are focused on facility procedures, facility maintenance and equipment necessary to maintain proper food safety, these violations should be corrected immediately where possible. Where not possible they should be corrected within 90 days or by next scheduled inspection whichever comes first.

Laws and Regulations

City of Burleson has adopted the following regulations:

Plan Review

Plans for extensive remodeling and construction of any food service establishment (restaurants, retail food stores, schools and daycare facilities) must be submitted to the Environmental Services Department for review under city and state law.  Please submit the attached application along with an official copy of the plans to be reviewed via email.  

Food Trucks

Temporary Events

This guide can be used for any food vendors looking to participate in single events


Food Safety Educational Material


What does Burleson Environmental Services inspect?
  • Environmental Services does not inspect: nail salons, beauty shops, tattoo parlors, tanning salons, residential swimming pools, foster homes or funeral and cremation facilities. To obtain inspection and regulatory information regarding these establishments, please contact the regional office of the Department of State and Health Services at 817-264-4500.
Who do I report health violations to?
  • Contact Environmental Services by Email or phone, (817) 426-9832.
How do I pay a permit fee?
  • You may mail a check to: C/O Environmental Services, 725 SE John Jones, Burleson, TX 76028
  • Make all checks payable to: City of Burleson C/O Environmental Services 
  • Pay online

The City of Burleson has adopted the 2015 updates to the Texas Food Establishment Rules (TFER).  To see a summary of the changes, click here.  

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