Cross Connection & Pretreatment

***The City of Burleson has updated the Backflow Prevention Assembly Test and Maintenance Report as of 6/10/2020.  We will no longer accept the old Test C Forms.


Backflow Prevention Assembly Test & Maintenance Reports
All backflow prevention assembly test and maintenance reports should be submitted to Water and Wastewater Division. A list of all active backflow prevention assembly testers will be updated and provided here as needed.


User Surveys

New businesses must complete the Pretreatment User Survey  as part of the Certificate of Occupancy process. Existing industrial facilities must complete the survey periodically in order to remain in compliance with pretreatment regulations.

For a general list of the maintenance requirements on traps please see the Grease and Grit Traps Maintenance Guidelines. For all other questions relating to grease and grit traps and oil / water separators, please contact the Water/Wastewater Regulatory Technician.

Cross-Connection & Pre-Treatment Forms

Backflow Prevention Assembly Testing-Form A - Company Registration

Backflow Prevention Assembly Testing-Form B - Tester Registration

Backflow Prevention Assembly Testing-Form C - Test Report

Pretreatment User Survey Form

Grease and Grit Traps Maintenance Guidelines

Irrigator's Registration Form