Hidden Creek Parkway Redevelopment

The city of Burleson is exploring an all-inclusive mixed-use development adjacent to and intertwined with the ever-popular Hidden Creek Golf Course just off I-35W, view location.

Currently, the city is proactively reaching out to residents and businesses—virtually all stakeholders for their input. 

In this first phase of engagement, the input received will be organized into common themes or categories, and then a draft proposed plan goals will be developed that reflect what is heard from the community. The community will review the information collected through the next engagement effort and determine if their vision was captured correctly. The community will then have an opportunity to supply feedback on the proposed goals for the area. 

Public Input Meetings Postponed

There were two public input meeting scheduled for the week of September 5, both of those meetings have been postponed. 

STATEMENT FROM THE CITY: We have heard all of the feedback on the Hidden Creek area redevelopment. We understand that our community has valid concerns about the Hidden Creek softball fields. While the city has been working on plans for improved fields, the process is not finalized. We had desired to begin the public input phase this fall for the future redevelopment of the Hidden Creek area (which is approximately 3-4 years away). However, we feel that it would be more productive to hold public engagement once we have more formalized options for parks and fields. We will be postponing the meetings until that occurs. Please make sure to sign up for future public engagement events and news on the process below. 

We value all of your opinions and love the passion you have for our city. We look forward to creating a solid vision together. 

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