SRT (Strategic Response Team)

Overview & Duties
Burleson Police Department's Strategic Response Team began in October 2018. The unit was created on the premise that a modern police agency requires a means to address the four pillars of COMPSTAT. The COMPSTAT philosophy emphasizes information-sharing, responsibility, accountability, and improving effectiveness. 

COMPSTAT includes four generally recognized core components: 

  1. Timely and accurate information or intelligence; 
  2. Rapid deployment of resources; 
  3.  Effective tactics; and 
  4. Relentless follow-up. 

The Strategic Response Team's mission is to address quality-of-life issues affecting the environment where our citizens live and conduct business. Including conducting surveillance on locations and individuals where information indicates criminal activity is occurring and targeting fugitives from justice and repeat offenders of criminal offenses. SRT also utilizes investigative techniques to intercept human trafficking, narcotics trafficking, illegal weapons, stolen property, and other contraband, including the seizure of illicit proceeds generated by these activities.

Canine Unit

K9 sonic in front of PD carThe Burleson Police Department began the K9 unit in 2022. K9 Sonic and his handler are assigned to the Strategic Response Team to assist in operations involving the detection and interdiction of narcotics. K9 Sonic is a male Dutch Shepherd / Malinois mix that was purchased from the Hill Country Dog Center in Bandera, Texas. Sonic and his handler are certified by the National Narcotic Detector Dog Association to detect illegal drugs such as methamphetamine, heroin, and cocaine. K9 Sonic also provides vital assistance to other law enforcement agencies. 

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