Meeting Room Rentals

The small conference room (seats 8) is available for reservation. The usage fees for non-Cardholders, businesses, and other for-profit groups is $25 minimum (1st 2 hours) plus $10 for each additional hour.  The fees may be waived for Burleson Library Cardholders, non-profit groups (w/proof) and civic organizations.

Meeting and Conference Room Regulations

  1. The public meeting room and conference room of the Burleson Public Library exist primarily for the use of the Library.
  2. Programs sponsored or co-sponsored by the Burleson Public Library or by a Burleson City Department take precedent over all other programs.
  3. Meetings of all groups using the meeting room or conference room must be open to the general public. Publicity statements must not infer that attendance at the meeting is limited to group members, or that the Library endorses the group or its views.
  4. Standing reservations are not accepted for meetings other than those sponsored by the Burleson Public Library or a Burleson City Department or have advance approval by the Library Director.
  5. As a part of its service programs to the community, the Library will make the meeting room and conference room available to other institutions, organizations, and non-profit groups, when the rooms are not scheduled for Library and City of Burleson related activities. Use of the meeting room and conference room are subject to all usage regulations and fees as listed in the City of Burleson Fee Schedule.
  6. Access to the meeting room or conference room will not be permitted to groups that practice, profess, or have as their policy (official or unofficial), discrimination against any persons on the basis of sex, race, religion, color or national origin; nor shall access be permitted to groups affiliated with organizations which practice, profess, or have such policies of discrimination.
  7. The Burleson Public Library reserves the right to have a staff member in attendance at any meeting held in the meeting room or conference room at no charge to the Library.
  8. No admission charge, dues, sales, or free-will offering shall be made or required for participation in any meeting or function held in the Library's meeting room or conference room. Exceptions are fees for courses or classes that may be given to instructors or for admission charges that cover direct costs of holding the meeting. These exceptions must be approved with the Library Director before the meeting room or conference room reservation will be accepted.
  9. Except for the projector screen, Library equipment is not available for use by those reserving the meeting room or conference room.
  10. Setup, cleanup, and takedown of the meeting room is the responsibility of the group reserving the meeting room or conference room.
  11. All reservations are subject to cancellation in those instances where the Burleson Public Library may require the room for its purposes. In such cases the Library staff will notify the applicant within 24 hours of the program.
  12. Organizations and groups who fail to comply with all the regulations and policies of the Burleson Public Library, or who fail to pay fees or charges, who damage furnishings or the building, or who cause disturbances shall be ineligible for use of the meeting room or conference room in the future.
  13. Reservations shall be accepted only from individuals 18 years of age or older. Reservations may be made in person, by the telephone, e-mail, or fax at least 7 days prior to the proposed use date and no longer than 120 days prior to the proposed use date, unless approved by the Library Director.
  14. The signed Meeting Room Application constitutes an agreement that a meeting will take place. The applicant shall be responsible for notifying the Library staff at least 48 hours prior to the use date in the event that a meeting or the use of the meeting room or conference room is canceled.
  15. The fee for each hour or partial hour that the meeting room or conference room is booked and used is set by the City Council and may be changed without notice for the purpose of these policies and regulations.
  16. Tobacco products may not be used inside the Library. Alcoholic beverages may not be consumed on the Library premises.
  17. Viewing copyrighted DVDs and videos in the Library is restricted to those that are fully licensed for public performances.
  18. The Library Director retains final authority for the implementation of these regulations.