Comprehensive Plan

In 2010, the City of Burleson adopted the Imagine Burleson comprehensive plan. The plan is intended to be a dynamic, adaptable guide to help decision-makers, citizens, City staff, and other stakeholders shape Burleson’s future on a continual, proactive basis. The planning document forms the basis for policy decisions (such as development ordinances and short- and long-term action plans). Policy-makers and City staff will use the plan as a guide while reviewing development projects, City budget, prioritizing capital improvement projects, and drafting ordinances to direct growth that leads to the vision identified in this document.

Ten years later – halfway to 2030 – the City developed this Midpoint Update to recalibrate the plan to reflect current conditions and expectations. This Midpoint Update is not intended to be a full update to the plan; however, it is intended to provide current guidance regarding the community’s vision and values, future land use planning, and updated implementation actions.

Comprehensive Plan 2020 Midpoint Update

Future Land Use Map

Future Land Use Map

The responsibility of a municipality to manage and regulate land use is rooted in its need to protect the health, safety, and welfare of local citizens. The first step in establishing the guidelines for such oversight is the community’s comprehensive plan. Although it is one of several components of the Comprehensive Plan, the significance of the Future Land Use Plan and Future Land Use Map cannot be overstated. Similar to the way in which a road map serves as a guide to a particular destination, the Future Land Use Plan will serve Burleson as a guide to its unique vision of its future form – what the community wants to look and feel like as it grows to a mature city.