Comprehensive Plan

City is currently in the process of updating the Comprehensive Plan.
The city’s current plan was adopted in 2010 and serves as an important visionary document used as a foundation to the city's planning of roads, zoning, infrastructure, services and amenities. 

What portions of the Plan are being updated?
This update is focused on two parts of the Comprehensive Plan: The future land use plan and the goals and actions portion.

The future land use plan  used by city staff, the Planning and Zoning Commission and city council to make zoning decisions and also is the basis for the city’s infrastructure planning, which includes roads, water, sanitary sewer and city facilities.

The city has changed in the past 10 years and that is why it is important to update the plan’s goals and objectives.  

After a series of work sessions held by the Planning and Zoning Commission and city council, they have endorsed the vision statement from the current comprehensive plan.

Comprehensive Plan Vision Statement:
We are focused on building a dynamic future, while preserving our rich history. Dedicated to establishing a great place to live, learn, work and play. Committed to being a sustainable community for all, through every stage of life. 

From this vision, the following value statements have been drafted:
 We value:

  • A mobility system that is efficient, connected, attractive and safe 
  • Neighborhoods that are safe, friendly, connected and vibrant 
  • Parks that give people the opportunity to play, learn, exercise, and experience the outdoors
  • Great places to gather throughout the city 
  • Economic development that creates opportunity, diversifies the tax base and provides residents choices 
  • A city that is economically and environmentally sustainable, accountable and transparent

Updating the Comprehensive Plan
Since the Plan looks twenty years into the future, it needs to be revised and updated periodically to keep it current and to incorporate changes in trends and community interests. 

The city has developed a website for the Imagine Burleson 2030 – Midpoint Update. Any citizen or organization can review and submit input on the portions of the plan via the website, 

Public Input Process
City staff held a seven-week public input process starting Monday, August 24. Each week, staff highlighted a different core value plus the future land use plan, via a survey and a Facebook Live event, hosted on the City of Burleson’s official Facebook page.

After the weekly Facebook Live event, interested participants took a deeper dive into the core values by being part of a focus group.

Imagine Burleson - Roadmap to 2030
Download the complete comprehensive plan "Imagine Burleson (PDF)" (11079.68 kb file size).

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