Storm Water Management Program

Regulatory Background

The City Of Burleson is issued a Small MS4 Permit through TCEQ which requires the city to uphold stormwater quality by managing stormwater discharges within the city limits of Burleson. The Environmental Services Division manages this permit by putting in place BMPs (Best Management Practices) in six MCMs (Minimum Control Measures) that meet the needs of the city and requirements of the permit. The City of Burleson is required to create a SWMP (Stormwater Management Program) to list the BMPs and how they are measured and implemented. These BMPs are to be completed annually based on the approved SWMP for the duration of each permit term.

The previous MS4 permit term began in 2013 and The City Of Burleson has completed the 5 year term. However, noting that there is a lag between the completion of the last term and the issuance and approval of the new permit term, the City will continue to report on the previously approved SWMP until the new permit has gotten final approval.

In July 2019, the Environmental Services Division submitted our notice of intent and draft 2019 permit to TCEQ.

While our population has grown above 40,000, permit level designation is based on the 2010 census. In 2010, Burleson’s population was 37,073, which places us in the same level 2 classification as our last permit cycle. When developing our new permit, we took into consideration that our next permit cycle would classify us as a level 3 MS4 and made the following changes to our permit to both comply with regulatory changes and prepare for the next cycle.

Our newly designed permit includes the following changes:

  • Updates to make existing measurable goals more clear and defined.
  • Revitalization of our existing Adopt-A-Spot Program.
  • Requirement to inventory municipal facilities and their associated stormwater controls.
  • Requirement to inspect municipal facilities annually for stormwater permit compliance.
  • Requirement to update facility specific best practices and spill prevention procedures.

We received feedback on the permit July 29th, 2020, made the required changes, and then received preliminary approval on September 8th, 2020.

Once we have received official preliminary approval from the Chief Clerk on our new permit, we must publish notice in the Star Telegram and allow the public 30 days for any comments or request for public hearing.

Until the notice for public comment has passed and we have received final approval from TCEQ, we will continue to operate under our 2014 permit.

Copies of the NOI and proposed SWMP can be found below

Additional Resources

For more information, please contact Environmental Services at 817-426-9832.