Stormwater Education for Businesses

General Information

One of the most common types of pollution from businesses is contaminated water runoff, usually from cleaning and maintenance activities. Simple best management practices (BMPs) can prevent stormwater pollution, and prevention is good business. It means clean water, clean neighborhoods and it shows your customers that you care about your community.

General Information for Businesses

  • Do not wash trucks or other equipment in the driveway, gutter or storm drain. Businesses that conduct car washing must discharge the car wash runoff to the sanitary sewer, or obtain permission from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to discharge to the storm sewer system.
  • Do not dispose of chemicals, oil, paint, or other hazardous materials on the ground, in the gutter, or in a storm drain. Contact a hazardous materials company for removal of these materials.
  • Collect fat and grease for recycling instead of putting it down the sink drain, as it could clog the pipes and could cause an overflow.

Additional Resources

If you would like a printed copy of these industry specific brochures or posters, please contact Environmental Services.