Community Service

Juvenile defendants may be sentenced to community service. Some violations of State law require the Municipal Court Judge to order community service as part of the defendant’s sentence. If community service is ordered as a part of a Judgment by the Municipal Court, the court will provide you with a list of non-profit community service organizations along with a time sheet to complete the service. Court Ordered community service is not arranged or monitored by the court staff. 

Community Service Organizations

If needed the Municipal Court Juvenile Case Manager may be able to assist with finding locations to complete community service. The Municipal Court maintains a list of Community Service Organizations to help individuals find a location to complete community service.  Please contact your selected Community Service Agency as soon as possible. Community Service may be completed at any 501.C3 non-profit organization. You are not restricted to 1 location, and can utilize as many different, non-profit agencies you would like, to complete the community service obligation.

Community Service Time Sheet

When completing community service, the community service participant or supervisor must fill out a community service time sheet. In addition, the person supervising the community service participant must initial and sign in the appropriate locations on the community service time sheet with an address and telephone number.  Information should be neatly and accurately filled out on the form so the municipal court can verify the service hours.

If you have any questions about community service, or if you are a representative of a non profit agency and interested in being placed on the courts list, please contact the Burleson Municipal Court at 817-426-9220.